Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Teasing Flirt Messages

I can’t help it
it’s not by choice
my heart beats faster
my knees get weak
my stomach hurts nd
I can hardly breathe
and each nd every moment feels brand new
I just can’t help it I’m crazy for U!

Na Ishq,
Na Pyaar,
Na Mohabbat Yaaro,
Devdas Ki Mafik Jaan
Mat Do Yaaro,
Apna To Ek Usul Hai Yaro
Na Chandramukhi,
Na Paaro
Jo Dikhe Usi Pe Line Maro.

BOY:Do You Have A PEN
Girl: Yeah
BOY: Oh.. Its Out Of Ink
Girl: What
You Re Kidding, It Works
Boy: It Doesn't Work
Well, You Try
Go, Write Your
Cell Phone Number Here.

Cotton Candy
Chocolate Syrup
Lemme C
How About Sugar
Still Can't Find Anything As
Sweet As YOU!

In My Dream
V Climbd 2gthr 2 Heavn
On D Way
I Ws Tird,
U Carried Me On Ur Back
Wen V Reachd D Gate
GOD Cald Me
"Cum My Child
Leave Ur Donkey Outside.

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