Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nice Messages of Success

Fullstop Is Not An End
Because We Can Write a New
Sentence After It. Same Way
In Life Failure Is Not The
Real End But It Is The
Beginning of New Success

Principle To Success
Control Your Destiny, Or Someone Else Will
Face The Reality As It Is, Not As It Was, Or As You Wish
Be Candid With Everyone
Don’t Manage, Lead
Change Before You Have To
If U Don’t Have A Competitive Advantage, Don’t Compete.

Fate Is Like Getting Raped
If You Can’t Fight It,Learn To Enjoy It
Work Is Like A Gang Bang
Ten People Are Behind Your Ass To Take Your Place
Education Is Like Hiring A Prostitute
It Requires Both Money & Hard Work
Success Is Like Masturbation
Only Your Own Hand Can Let You Acheive It.

Success Without Honor Is An
Unseasoned Dish
It Will Satisfy Your Hunger
It Won’t Taste Good.

Success Is The Ability To Go
One Failure To Another
With No Loss Of Enthusiasm.

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