Saturday, 8 October 2011

I Love You Messages for Girl Friend

Tanhaai Hai Pyar Me
Barbadi Hai Pyar Me
Aasu Hai Pyar Me
Bebasi Hai Pyar Me
Gum Bhi Hai Pyar Me
Hame Sab Pata Hai Lekin Kya Kare
Hum Bhi Hai Pyar Me!

Mohabbat Ka Koi Poda Lgana B Zaruri Hy
Usay Phir Shakk Ki Aandhi Se Bachana B Zaruri Hy
Suno Apas Mein Talkhi-O-Ranjish Ho Hi Jati Hy
Tamasha Kya Zamaney Ko Dikhana B Zaruri Hy
Mohabbat Kro Magar Ye Yaad Rakhna MOHSIN
Mohabbat Ko Mohabbat Se Nibhana B Zaruri Hy.

A Need So Necessary
A Want So Strong
The Universal Would Not Handle
I Love U Today
I Will Love U 2moro
I Will Love U 4ever.

A Word You Always
Curious About
A Word Which Is Impossible
To Define
A Word Which Has Many
A Word Which Care About
0ther Happiness
A Word Which Need No Sound
To Listen But Feels Good
Whenever Express
This Is 0nly Word
That Remind Me About You
Love Is Like Define Infinite
Love Is ME
Love Is YOU!

You greeted me hi, I didnt reply
You gave me a sweet smile
I responded with a sigh
You showed me your love
you received a shrug
But when you bid goodbye I began to cry.

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