Saturday, 8 October 2011

Funny Facebook Status Comments

Grammar is important
Capitalization is the difference
between helping your Uncle Jack
off a horse and helping your
Uncle jack off a horse.

Best way to get out of a text convo
The message could not be delivered due
to a temporary network setup error
Please try later. Error 2128-226110!

Parents spend the first part of our
lives teaching us to walk and talk
and the rest of it telling us to
sit down and shut up.

If a Police Officer says
Anything you say will be taken
down & used as evidence
Your answer should always be
Please don't hit me again officer!

A man yells at his wife
pack your bags, honey
I just won the lottery
Oh wonderful!" she says
should I pack for the beach
or the mountains
The husband replies
I don't care. Just get out!

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