Friday, 7 October 2011

Nice Insult Quotes

Definition of Nurse
Nurse is a Beautiful Dashing Girl
Holding Your Hand
Looking into Your eyes
and still wants Your Pulse Will Be Normal.

There are times I Find My Hands Full of friends
I want to Hold them hard As I fear Of Losing Them
I laugh When i realize that
They are the ones holding me
Thanks for Being one.

When we were Small
We had so much to Laugh at but We Still Cried
Now we have to Cry at but We Still Smile
So...Remember, Just Keep Smile.

I Asked My Heart:
What's the Difference Between Love and Friendship
Heart Replied
My Work is to Supply Blood
Don's Ask me Out of Syllabus.

The best years of your Life
are the ones in which you decide
your problems are your own
You don't blame them on your mother
the ecology, or the President.

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